Saturday, November 22, 2014


or how the heck did I get 2 vacations this fall.

My sister-in-law (SIL) called me and invited us to come out for two weeks while her husband was out of town on a business trip. The Doctor didn't want to go, but I did. It was my birthday present.

 The airport send off in Jacksonville. My flight got to Oakland at midnight AKA 3am my time! That was along day.

SIL and I hung out with friends, eating and talking, talking, talking in her backyard (it was warm for November).

Every Sunday evening there's an event down the street at the North Berkeley BART station called Off The Grid.

As you can see by the sign, it's a food truck event. About 8-9 food trucks park around the parking lot and it turns into the coolest food court in town. It's family friendly and there's live music. We went twice and the trucks were different each time. Off the Grid happens all the time at different locations .

We had bbq and catfish from this truck.

 an overview of the area. It was warm the first night, but the second was chilly, so we got our food to go.

 Yummy, cupcakes. My SIL looks so much like The Doctor in this photo.

One day I took a walk from the house to downtown, it takes maybe 15 minutes. Because I took tons of photos, I'll have another posts about all the different restaurants.

This is the library. It's from the 1920's and has an arts and craft style

 These panels go around the building. A lot of the public building in Berkeley are in the arts and craft style.

I took 2 trips to San Francisco. The first was with "cousin" Neil, my friend of 30+ years.

We drove over the new Bay Bridge. The old span is being torn down from both ends.

 The new part. The bridge is in 2 section. The green part at the top of this photo is Treasure Island, there's a tunnel that the bridge goes through.

Who's says you can't find cheap, good eats in SF? Pizza by the slice at The Pizza Shop on 24th St in the Mission. 4 slices, 2 drinks for $18.

Speaking of the Mission, I took tons of photos there, too. Those deserve a post of their own. ( I'm dragging this out LOL)
 Here's a taste: Where's Frida?

 A beautiful "Painted Lady"

 Mitchell's ice cream, not just for breakfast. Years ago we had breakfast here, funny thing, they only have ice cream.

 The parking Gods always smile on cousin Neil. Right at the door at the Thrift Town on Mission. People who know how hard it is to find parking in SF will hate us for this. Neil always finds a parking space, always.

After all that city fun, we went to the beach.

 This is looking south from Sutro Park. The Pacific ocean is on the right, the trees are the west end of Golden Gate Park

 Watching the surfers at Ocean Beach

 This is the beach my family came to when I was little, back in the 1960's. It's cold and windy, but who cares, it's the beach!

If you keep going, you hit China.  

That's vacation 2, post 1. I'll probably be don't a couple more. After all, I was there for 2 weeks and a double birthday party happen. Until next time.....

Wednesday, November 12, 2014



Peru, again? Here's the whole collection of Peruvian dolls.

No it's not where I'm on vacation.

Today, is an all day trip to San Francisco. Which involves driving across the new SF Bay bridge. And tomorrow is a joint birthday party for me and our friends daughter. She's turning 20 and on Friday, I'll be 59(how did THAT happen?)


Wednesday, November 5, 2014



Let's continue our trip to Peru.  Here's a lovely couple with a little baby peeking over mom's shoulder. Mom's holding a spindle and ball of yarn.

Speaking of travel, I'm about to head out today on another vacation. Ain't not working grand? The Doctor's staying home this time and I'll tell you guys all about it when I get back. If I can, there may be a Weird Doll post in a week. See you later!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Let's go to Peru! Anyone ever been there?

He's a Peruvian flute player and is a couple of inches tall. Let's rock!


Here's a random question: How do I delete a blog that is no longer being updated? Or one I miss typed the name?  I've been tiring to delete one that the name is the same but the content has changed and it's a totally different blog.  Thanks!

Monday, October 27, 2014

IF IT'S MONDAY........


I must have taken these photos last Thursday.

It was a beautiful fall day, we went to Tallahassee for fun and stopped at Maclay State Gardens. Surprise!  Scarecrows in the Park was up. It's a scarecrow competition that local people, businesses and schools compete in. Here are the ones I liked.


 Mother Nature. She has bugs and dragonflies on her dress

 Love this one. Made from  recycled metal pieces.

 A real estate agent, with a bird house head

 Hipster slacker.

 This one might be my favorite. Flower pots, wine corks, shells and Spanish moss.

 An Ent?

 The Doctor and his new friend?

A Bride and Groom

A friend of mine came by this morning and took the NuWave oven off my hands. He's going on tour for Christmas and was happy to have it. He can cook and not have to eat fast food all the time. So, that worked out well. Oh, and before I forget...

GO GIANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014



Wednesday, already? Because I didn't get to Toys R Us before they pulled the Breaking Bad action dolls, here's a pretty lady

What was Toys R Us thinking? If you don't know what I'm talking about, I'll tell you. Toys R Us is a huge chain toy store, for the Christmas season (?) they were selling Breaking Bad action figures, complete with guns and bags of meth. Can you believe a mother complained and they acted shocked that she did?  The stores spokesperson said the action figures were in the "adult" section. IT"S A TOY STORE FOR CHILDREN.  What next? A Sons of Anarchy Gemma Teller action figure with a bbq fork?

Sometimes I just don't understand major corporations mindsets. ( oh, it's the $$$$, right?)

Sorry about  the rant, enjoy the day



Monday, October 20, 2014



It might be and just in time for my BFF to visit on her vacation. She drove all the way from South Carolina by herself. Thank you, GPS! What do two long time friends do when they visit? Go shopping, of course. And by "shopping" I mean thrifting.

But first........

 I found this pretty jewelry box the other week. It looks pink in the photos, but in real life it's pale orange. I've never seen one with a split lid.  It's a little stained, but for a dollar I couldn't pass it up.

 I couldn't pass this vintage skirt hemmer, either.

But second........presents!

 A box of drugs? How thoughtful!

 No, drugs, just cool stuff. Lovely bracelet, soap and a smarty pants badge.

The craft stores have discovered Day of the Dead.

 Skulls, which will become a garland, little wooden coffin and Muertos Bride and Groom. Too bad I can't find my candle holders.

 Early birthday gifts: The wolf head is Betsey Johnson, I made the blue hand necklace (craft store) and the big hand is just cool.

 $5 special edition Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Oh, look! I got Draco!

On to the thrifting part

 Blue scarf is 100% silk from Talbots, the red one is from Saks, and the tie is Charles Jourdan. 2 silk scarves and a silk tie for $1.25!!!

And to carry all my treasures in.......

 A $5 suitcase.

The BFF brought me another gift. Her Mother was visiting for 6 weeks and bought a ton of stuff. One item was this....

 It's some sort of counter top oven that's suppose to make your live easier. I read some of the recipes and it's not that easy to figure out what to do. Frankly, I'm a little scared of it. The BFF doesn't cook (and she already has an oven). Free to good Home?

You know you always find strange things at thrift stores? I found this

A vest with a theater name tag in it. Wonder how it got to the thrift store 3 years after that person graduated? Dang, no wonder I had a hard time finding things. Bad, actor, bad. (no, I didn't buy it. I don't work there anymore)

Have a good week, and don't let Twisty get you!